Sell at Auction

Zuydwal auctions paintings, silver and sculptures. But special collections, studio legacies and collections will also be auctioned.

Zuydwal Veilingen always pays attention to Laren artists. We are therefore always interested in works by artists such as Leo Gestel, Adriaan Lubbers, Jan Sluijters, Lou Loeber, Albert Fiks, Cornelis Vreedenburgh, Frans Langeveld, Evert Pieters, Willy Sluiter, Geni Peter, Chris Beekman, Johan Meijer, Wally Moes, Hein Kever, Albert Neuhuys, but we are also interested in works by artists who have worked elsewhere in our country or abroad.


Our experts provide valuations, taking into account the condition, age, origin and rarity of your objects. The market situation is also involved, all these factors determine the target price. The use of a minimum or bottom price can be determined in consultation.

It is also possible to send us photos of your work stating the artist, dimensions and technique.

We will contact you as soon as possible. In case of sale for auction, the sender pays a percentage of the proceeds to the auction house as a commission. The commission is 15% excl. VAT.


In the unlikely event that your goods have not been sold, there is the possibility of after-sales. Through the internet people will again be alerted to the unsold art object and our experts will do their utmost to find a new owner for your good.


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