Auction Terms & Conditions

The auction is organized under the auspices of Zuydwal Veilingen. The organization is in the hands of drs. Margriet van Seumeren.

Zuydwal Veilingen hereby informs all participating in the auction that the auction will be held under the following conditions and that everyone participating in the auction thereby indicates that he fully accepts the applicability of these conditions:

  1. (a) Buyer is the person to whom a lot has been awarded on the basis that he has made the bid that the auctioneer has accepted as the highest; if the auctioneer is of the opinion during the auction that there are terms to do so, he will immediately put the lot in question up for auction again.
    (b) The buyer is always considered to have bought for himself. All goods are sold without action or refaction, in the condition in which the item to be sold is at the time of allocation.
  2. All goods are sold without action or refaction, in the condition in which the item to be sold is at the time of allocation.
  3. The sale is for cash with a premium of 32% up to a hammer price of € 800, at a hammer price between € 800 and € 1,500 the premium is 29.5%, between € 1,500 and € 15,000 27% and at a hammer price from € 15,000 the premium is 25%, to be paid at the same time as the purchase price without any discount or deduction. The premium also includes VAT.
  4. If you want to bid during a room auction via the external auction site Invaluable, you will be charged 5% extra costs on top of the hammer price.
  5. Descriptions in the catalog and all information given in writing or orally, are deemed to have been made to the best of the seller's knowledge and can never give rise to recourse against the seller or withdrawal from the buyer's obligations to take possession of the goods and pay for them. , being the buyer the opportunity to ascertain on the viewing days about the nature and condition of the good to be sold.
  6. Contrary to the provisions of Articles 2 and 4, the auctioneer is prepared to take back the auctioned item against a simultaneous refund of the purchase price and the premium, if the buyer proves to the satisfaction of the auctioneer within a period of two weeks after the sale that the description provided. is so incorrect that if the correct description had been known to the buyer at the time of the sale, he would have either renounced the purchase or only bought at a significantly lower price. The auctioneer is not prepared to take it back if the description in the catalog was revoked during the auction and the correct description was provided orally to the public. This willingness also lapses if and insofar as the buyer cannot return the auctioned item in the same condition as it was at the time of allotment.
  7. Immediately after allocation, the goods sold are at the expense and risk of the buyer and any complaint is excluded.
  8. Zuydwal Veilingen has the right to demand full or partial payment immediately upon allotment of any purchase; in the event of refusal, such a purchase will be immediately re-auctioned and the negligent bidder's bid will not be accepted again.
  9. In the event of late payment, Zuydwal Veilingen will charge interest to the buyer at a percentage equal to the statutory interest plus administration and storage costs with a minimum of € 50, to be calculated from the date of allocation until the time of payment. All judicial and extrajudicial costs will also be borne by the negligent buyer.
  10. The buyer can collect the purchased goods by appointment. If desired, the works can also be shipped at the expense and risk of the buyer.
  11. If the purchased goods have not been paid for, for 4 days after the auction date, the buyer is in default due to this fact and Zuydwal Veilingen B.V. has the right to consider the purchase as null and void and dissolved without any further notice of default. Zuydwal Veilingen has the right to immediately or later publicly or by hand sell purchases that have not been collected; however, the negligent purchaser remains liable for a lesser proceeds and for the costs of the sale, while he cannot claim any additional proceeds.
  12. If in an assignment of a sale two or more persons are being offered at the same time or difficulties arise with the assignment or otherwise, such as, for example, with the interpretation of local customs and stipulations, or mistakes made by the auctioneer, the seller decides on this and has in any case, the right to immediately re-auction the purchase with the same rights.
  13. Zuydwal Veilingen reserves the right to change the order of the auction and to merge or split numbers or to cancel numbers.
  14. Neither Zuydwal Veilingen nor its staff can be held responsible in any way for any negligence or omission by acting or not acting in this way during the auction and Zuydwal Veilingen is also not responsible for technical failures during the auction.
  15. The buyer will never be able to rely on unfamiliarity with the conditions of the sale or with local customs.

Online Auction

At an online Auction, the bidder can only make a bid after he has fully completed an application form and has been accepted as bidder by the Auction House. The bidder will then receive a Zuydwal Veilingen Account and log in with the username and password that he has received and / or chosen. The bidder may not transfer or hand over his Zuydwal Veilingen account to a third party or allow third parties access to it and may not log in with a username and / or password of a third party. If a third party, even if this is a minor and / or is legally incapacitated, submits a bid via the bidder's Zuydwal Veilingen account, the bidder is liable for all consequences thereof. The auction owner always has the right to block the bidding account of the buyer or the bidder without stating reasons. In addition, the Auction House always has the right to exclude the buyer and / or the bidder from future auctions. The bidder will not perform any actions that unreasonably burden the infrastructure of the auctioneer or cause damage to the infrastructure or to the Online auctions, or to the reputation of Zuydwal Veilingen.

The resale right applies.


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