New Arrivals: Max Liebermann (1847-1935)

De branding

30,5 x 44 cm
signed bottom left
Origin Private collection

This painting is a study of the sea made in Zandvoort. Liebermann made several studies of the sea waves for the large oil painting Badende Knaben, Stiftung which is located in the Stadtmuseum Berlin.

Robert Breuer wrote in 1915 after seeing several studies of the sea by Liebermann. (...) In pictures like those of the sea, Liebermann is a philosopher. But he is, without using any scholarly or symbolic apparatus, perhaps without knowing it himself; he is, because he surrenders willingly and with pantheistic devotion to being in nature' (see: Robert Breuer, 1915, p. 166).

The present painting is a study of the sea in the Netherlands. Max Liebermann probably executed it in the summer of 1899 when he stayed in the seaside resort of Zandvoort. This study is related to the large oil Badende Knaben , Stiftung Stadtmuseum, Berlin), for which Liebermann painted a few studies with and without figures.

Robert Breuer wrote about a Brandung – Meeresstudie in 1915: '(...) In solchen Bildern, wie denen vom Meer, ist Liebermann ein Philosoph. Er ist es aber, ohne irgendwelchen gelehrten oder symbolischen Apparat anzuwenden, vielleicht ohne es selber zu wissen; er ist es, weil er sich willig und mit pantheistischer Andacht dem Natursein hingibt' (see: Robert Breuer, 1915, p. 166).

Max Liebermann (1847-1935), De Branding
Max Liebermann (1847-1935), De Branding


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